Adam + Darian

Duncan Memorial Chapel is one of those places in my area that is very popular for weddings. Why? Well, one, it’s fucking stunning. Who doesn’t get weak in the knees about early English gothic architecture? And two, you don’t have to be of any one religion or belief (or any for that matter) to rent it. A church wedding is a dream for many, but many are not always a member of a church. So Duncan Memorial Chapel is a great option.

Aside from that, DMC has a beautiful history to it I feel makes it PERFECT for weddings. Here’s a bit from DMC’s website:
“When Alexander E. Duncan’s wife, Flora, died in 1936, their home was in Baltimore, where he had founded the Commercial Credit Company 24 years earlier. But his thoughts went back to the time of their marriage in 1900 and to the place where they spent their first three years together, Crestwood, Kentucky, 18 miles northeast of Louisville.

And because he was reared on a farm nearby, Mr. Duncan knew that in the village of Floydsburg, a mile southeast of Crestwood, lay the rolling grounds of one of Kentucky’s oldest cemeteries. There, as a memorial to his wife, he built the Duncan Memorial Chapel in 1936-37, at the same time enlarging and landscaping the cemetery as a memorial to his grandfather, William Wesley Duncan, and to that branch of the Duncan Family, of which Alexander E. Duncan was the only surviving male member with the family name. The Chapel was dedicated on October 24, 1937. Flora Ross Duncan was buried in the Chapel’s chancel; upon his death in 1972, Mr. Duncan was buried beside her.”

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