KPC 2019 Custom Prom Dresses

Every year Kimberly Phillips Clothier offers a limited number of slots for a custom prom dress design. Meaning she works with you to design an one of a kind dress; you don’t pick from any existing design, she creates a whole new design for you. Pretty exciting stuff!
Usually Kimberly gets a shot of these finished dresses on her bust form and send them on their way; sharing the photo of the dress in her studio and the cell phone photos she gets from her clients. This year though, Kimberly asked me to set up and get some professional photos of her custom designs on her clients and I couldn’t be happier to do it.
Although not everyone was able to make it the day I set up, we were able to capture the bulk of her designs. 🙂

PHOTOS// We Choose the Moon Photography website | facebook | instagram
DRESSES// Kimberly Phillips Clothier website | facebook | instagram



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