David & Sammie Engagement

Photographing in darkness has never been a huge issue of mine. My style, in general, is pretty moody so its easy for me to embrace low light situations. However, caves aren’t just dark. They are DARK. And even with the lights on, they’re pointed to the amazing rock formations; which aren’t super great at bouncing light. So, this location was a challenge (to say the very, very least). But, these two met while both working as cave tour guides so it was beyond fitting to shoot their engagement session here. So I just did what I feel I do best; just make it work.

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LOCATION// Squire Boone Caverns website | faceback

Photographer’s Note: Since both of them use to work there and are still good friends with the owners, we were able to get special permission to photograph inside the cave. No promises you’ll be able to do the same. The entrances to this cave are also locked so sneaking in isn’t an option either. 😛

Cave Engagement Session Indiana Squire Boone CavernsIMG_4326abIMG_4346abwbIMG_4371abIMG_4380abIMG_4429abIMG_4436abIMG_4491abIMG_4498abIMG_4552abIMG_4595abIMG_7388abIMG_4356abIMG_4357abwbdouble2bCave Engagement Session Indiana Squire Boone CavernsIMG_4479abIMG_4503abIMG_4559abIMG_4607abIMG_7396abcomposite1bIMG_4364abIMG_4358abIMG_4383abwbCave Engagement Session Indiana Squire Boone CavernsIMG_4526abwbIMG_4529abCave Engagement Session Indiana Squire Boone CavernsIMG_7392abdouble1bCave Engagement Session Indiana Squire Boone CavernsIMG_4553abCave Engagement Session Indiana Squire Boone CavernsMVI_4402b

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