Neon Lights

So in early January I woke up to a text alert from my bank that I had a suspicious charge on my account. And sure enough, after logging in and checking, there was a nearly $600 charge from a cell phone provider in Miami, Florida.
While it’s never convenient to have your card info swiped, this was a particular even more inconvenient time for me as I’ve been planning and purchasing items for some shoots and a lot of my online resources (such as adobe, my website host, my online gallery host, etc) were about to renew. So I needed that money back much sooner than later so no lapses in service occurred.
To be honest, I had been playing around with the idea of doing neon light photos for awhile but never made anything of it. But, the opportunity presented itself to finally do these and make my money back while doing it.
And I have to say, I was floored by the response of people willing and wanting to help me out and get some kick ass photos along way. Your kindness will never be forgotten and I can only hope I provided some fun photos for you. 🙂

You’re welcome to listen to this while scrolling through the photos. For some reason, while editing, this song popped in my head; specifically this remix that was used in Venture Bros. Maybe because at our core we’re all just Dr. Venture trying to find ourselves?

img_5234abimg_6014abimg_5868abimg_6218abimg_7087abimg_5650abimg_6517abimg_6991abimg_7171abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_5552abimg_6374abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_7375abimg_6705abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_5966abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_6160abimg_7052abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_6526abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_7181abimg_5408abimg_5578abimg_6331abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_7303abimg_6662abimg_5297abimg_5959abimg_5927abimg_6185abimg_7039abimg_5693abimg_6413abimg_6972abimg_7251abimg_5451abimg_5525abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_6081bbimg_7350abimg_6684abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights PhotosLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_5913abimg_6142abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_5625abimg_6422abimg_6790abimg_7189abimg_5418abimg_5589abimg_6341abimg_6087bbimg_7364abimg_6673abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_6019abimg_5822abimg_6181abimg_7081abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_6405abimg_6923abimg_7264abLouisville Kentucky Neon Lights Photosimg_5511abimg_6297abimg_6107bbimg_7341abimg_6709ab

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