Edgy, Early Century Themed Christmas Styled Wedding

The holidays are a beloved time of year for many and it can be tough to plan a wedding with this theme. It’s incredibly easy to get swept up in the vibrant reds and greens, gobs of glitters and kitchy candyland-like decor. To dodge the campy aura, we drew inspiration from the holiday season of the early 19th century and mixed it with a modern, edgy vibe to produce a holiday wedding while still being stylish as hell. (No Cindy Lou Whos here!)
The Wakefield Scearce Gallery, an european antique gallery, happily welcomed us to come photograph in their beyond beautiful establishment. The antiques and it’s overall ambience 100% set the tone for us. Some items date back all the way to the 1600’s.
We opted out of the, now, traditional wedding cake and went for an older classic choice for the wedding cake, fruit cake. We modernized it though in the form of mini bundts cakes with silver icing and black rock candy.
While our bride wore a relatively traditional wedding dress with soft mesh, lace and satin with a lace topper, we edged it up with a burgundy leather jacket. Our bride also wore a slightly more dramatic makeup look with rose gold, metallic eyeshadow but with a nude lip color. We paired this with a non-cartoon looking snowflake necklace and earrings and skipped on the floral bouquet in exchange for a fur muff. This was our ceremony look. In additional to this style, we also created a reception outfit that was a little more flirty and playful. This outfit featured a slight high-low skirt in a lush, textured chiffon. (The dress also has pockets!) We kept the edge for this look by pairing it with a burgundy fur jacket (all the texture!) and black, chunky heeled booties. We brought back the floral bouquet with this look but with only a few sprigs of evergreen.
We kept our groom complementary to our bride but gave him his own unique features to help him stand alone. While he wore all black, we put him in a velvet, burgundy blazer and put wolf pins with a chain on his bowtie to bring in that edge. For a complimentary reception look, we removed the blazer to reveal black suspenders and in cases when the blazer was worn, a matching fur scarf to the bride’s fur muff.

Merry Christmas Folks!

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