Hannah was in town again!
This time, we were a little limited on locations and went to one of the only places open in town that wasn’t crazy with people, a coin laundry.
However, when I was editing these images, they seemed “too clean”, and it was because of the state of cleanliness of this establishment. I’m not by any means belittle it, but it was definitely a situation where you could tell it was super busy all day and the staff said f it, we’ll clean it tomorrow. Something felt really off about my edits so I tried dirtying them up to match the place. And I’m really happy with them now. 🙂

Laundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyIMG_3868a copybIMG_3884a copyabwbLaundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyIMG_3928a copyabwbIMG_3951a copybIMG_3958a copybIMG_3968a copyabwbIMG_3996a copybIMG_4039a copybIMG_4054a copybIMG_4101a copybLaundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyIMG_4206a copyabwbIMG_4244a copybIMG_3871a copybLaundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyIMG_3931a copyabwbIMG_3962a copybLaundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyIMG_4006a copybIMG_4087a copybIMG_4106a copybLaundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyIMG_3864a copyabwbIMG_3877a copybIMG_3895a copyabwbIMG_3946a copybIMG_3965a copybIMG_3977a copyabwbIMG_4069a copybLaundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyLaundromat Portrait Photography Louisville KentuckyIMG_4247a copybIMG_3945a copyabwbIMG_3978a copybIMG_4091a copybIMG_4174a copybIMG_4189a copybIMG_3867a copybIMG_3980a copyabwbIMG_4237a copybIMG_4262a copybIMG_4266a copyabwb

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