Hayley & Logan Engagement

Hayley & Logan stumbled upon me on Instagram and inquired about doing engagement photos while they were Louisville. (Logan is currently looking for an audiology program and had planned a tour at the University of Louisville). I’m not certain if they decided to do engagement photos in Louisville and then found me or if they were finding photographers in the cities they were visiting and then deciding to do their engagement photos there. But either way, I’m thrilled to have captured some photos for them during this very exciting time!

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IMG_9512abFalls of the Ohio Engagement PhotosIMG_9578abIMG_9605abIMG_9611abIMG_9657abIMG_9673abIMG_9688abwbIMG_0004abIMG_9713abFalls of the Ohio Engagement PhotosIMG_9824abIMG_9861abIMG_9869abIMG_9892abIMG_9934abdouble1bIMG_9534abIMG_9546abIMG_9566abwbIMG_9593abIMG_9616abwbIMG_9642abIMG_9658abIMG_9671abIMG_0020abIMG_9694abIMG_9753abFalls of the Ohio Engagement PhotosIMG_9809abFalls of the Ohio Engagement PhotosIMG_9872abIMG_9900abIMG_9944abFalls of the Ohio Engagement PhotosIMG_9516abwbIMG_9668abIMG_9640abIMG_9633abwbIMG_9682abIMG_9995abIMG_9724abFalls of the Ohio Engagement PhotosIMG_9779abIMG_9813abIMG_9850abIMG_9881abIMG_9912abIMG_9973abdouble3bIMG_9585abIMG_9603abwbIMG_9644abIMG_0014abIMG_9745abIMG_9866abIMG_9920abFalls of the Ohio Engagement PhotosIMG_0027abIMG_9755abIMG_9826abIMG_9962abIMG_9998abIMG_9906abFalls of the Ohio Engagement Photos

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