Kara + Ty

I honestly could not be more thrilled to have documented Kara & Ty’s wedding day. Referrals mean the world to me but I actually worked with Kara as a bridesmaid in 2016 at Brooke & Travis’ wedding. To know she liked my work and enjoyed working with me so much that two years later she inquired for her own wedding truly means the world. I just do what do and I’m just the way I am.  To know people actually like what I do and can tolerate me as a person enough to come shoot their wedding is amazing to me.

This was my first time ever to Evansville, Indiana; it did not disappoint! The weather was the ideal condition for fall and these two had landed themselves an adorable little venue! I couldn’t be happier for them and the life they’re embarking together!

PHOTOS// We Choose the Moon Photography website | facebook | instagram
 Private Property
HAIR & MAKE-UP// Maria Schneider, Allure Salon  facebook
Hornville Tavern  website | facebook
 Galya Cake website | facebook
DJ Randy Weber website | facebook
DRESS BOUTIQUE// David’s Bridal
SHOES// Matt Fondaw,  Tomahawk Leatherworks instagram
McCarty’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry facebook
Danny Schuler
DAY OF COORDINATOR// Family, Jenni McFarland

IMG_5772abIMG_5748abIMG_5876abIMG_5854abIMG_5902abIMG_5941abwbIMG_5950abIMG_5959abIMG_6051-EditabwbIMG_5966abIMG_5969abIMG_5975abIMG_6075abwbIMG_6085abIMG_6104abwbIMG_6114abwbIMG_6132abIMG_6135abwbIMG_6153abIMG_6182abIMG_5980-EditabIMG_6191abEvansville Indiana Fall Wedding PhotographyIMG_6010-EditabIMG_6198abEvansville Indiana Fall Wedding Photography Groom Cowboy HatEvansville Indiana Fall Wedding PhotographyIMG_5989abIMG_6340abIMG_6030abIMG_6767abIMG_6193abEvansville Indiana Fall Wedding PhotographyIMG_6173abIMG_6178-EditabIMG_6279abwbIMG_6268abIMG_6299abIMG_6324-EditabIMG_6461abwbIMG_6467abIMG_6482abEvansville Indiana Fall Wedding PhotographyIMG_6489-EditabwbIMG_6564abIMG_6565abIMG_6567abIMG_6573abIMG_6579abIMG_6619abIMG_6627abIMG_6628abIMG_6630abIMG_6638abwbIMG_6642abIMG_2355abIMG_6648abIMG_2361abwbIMG_6663abIMG_6671abIMG_6672abIMG_2366abIMG_2375abIMG_2374abIMG_6676abwbIMG_6685abIMG_6725abwbIMG_6748-EditabEvansville Indiana Fall Wedding PhotographyIMG_6751abIMG_6734abwbIMG_6554abIMG_6555abIMG_6558abIMG_6552abIMG_6541abIMG_6525abIMG_6527abIMG_6526abIMG_6528abIMG_6796abIMG_6498abIMG_6500abIMG_6502abIMG_6506abIMG_6510abIMG_6516abIMG_6543abIMG_6810abIMG_6818abIMG_6914abIMG_6901abIMG_6923abwbIMG_6943abIMG_6946abIMG_6962abwbIMG_6908abIMG_6952abEvansville Indiana Fall Wedding PhotographyIMG_7247abIMG_7248abIMG_7255abIMG_7101abIMG_7124abwbIMG_7118abIMG_7263abIMG_7143abIMG_7173abIMG_7149abwbIMG_7152abIMG_7137abIMG_7191abIMG_7200abIMG_7199abIMG_7106ab

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