Abby, Class of 2019

I don’t shoot a lot of senior photos but I’m always thrilled when I get an inquiry for one! It’s good to know there are some cool young people out there who dig my style. 🙂
Abby was referred to me from Meg (thanks girl!) and she absolutely SLAYED this session. Despite the chilly temps Abby rocked some not so friendly fall outfits so when we got a little cold in the shade, we just stepped out in the sunlight. (Because we all know I’m not afraid to shoot in direct sunlight).

Meade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8785abwbIMG_8819abIMG_8894abwbIMG_8925abIMG_8729abwbIMG_8816abIMG_8833abMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8918abMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8764abIMG_8812abwbIMG_8823abIMG_8912abwbIMG_8978abIMG_8796abMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8901abIMG_8921abIMG_8959abMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8859abIMG_8997abMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8841abIMG_8928abIMG_8804abIMG_8866abwbMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8949abwbMeade County High School Senior PhotographyMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8953abwbMeade County High School Senior PhotographyIMG_8888abwbIMG_8972abIMG_8995abwbIMG_8981abIMG_8974abwb

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