Aaron & Brittany Engagement

Like anyone, wedding photographer or not, I’m in a few (a lot of) facebook groups. One of them being a wedding group filled with brides-to-be, family and friends of those brides, past brides and wedding vendors. Just over 20,000 of them to be exact. On occasion, the group admin will create a post for each vendor to post their website, social media links and some examples of their work. On one such occasion, I happened to replied to the post at roughly the same time Brittany was meandering the page and saw my post; because not even 2.5 seconds after I replied, Brittany was sending me an inquiring form to do engagement photos for her and her soon-to-be husband and her daughter Dallas.

Fun Fact: When we arrived at Mellwood Art Center and were walking to the first location, Aaron handed me a note saying “you dropped this”. I knew I didn’t have anything in my pockets, but maybe I did. Luckily, instead of just jamming in my pocket like I usually would (thinking it was an old wedding day timeline), I unfolded it and saw he had written me note, saying he had told her the engagement ring wasn’t ready for the photos but he actually has it with him and wants to do a traditional proposal. So we made that happen.


Photographer’s Note: Mellwood Art Center does require a photo permit/pass. You can inquire for one at this address: info@mellwoodartcenter.com
Here is a LINK to more info on their photo passes.


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