Brianna & Sean Engagement

Back in the spring I put out an ad I was looking for a couple to model for a sunrise session. The light is so amazing, and I actually really like it more than sunset lighting. But, there aren’t a lot of early birds out there or people willing to wake up extra early, make themselves pretty and then be photographed. Not that I blame them at all. It’s not fun.
However, much to my surprise, I got a decent response with a number people willing to model for me! After my sunrise session with Brian and Juliana (you can view that HERE), I decided to do another one while I had people willing!

Location: Turkey Run Park, The Parklands of Floyd’s Fork | Louisville, KY

Photographer’s Note: A photo permit is required to photograph at any park in The Parklands. You can inquire for an annual permit HERE.

Turkey Run Park Engagement PhotosIMG_3133abwbIMG_6398abIMG_6422abwbIMG_6429abTurkey Run Park Engagement PhotosIMG_6489abIMG_6518abIMG_6554abwbIMG_6589abIMG_3210abdouble1IMG_6340abIMG_3148abTurkey Run Park Engagement PhotosIMG_6389abwbIMG_6441abIMG_6478abwbIMG_6493abIMG_6519abTurkey Run Park Engagement PhotosTurkey Run Park Engagement Photosdouble2IMG_6342abIMG_3147abwbIMG_6353abIMG_6379abIMG_6402abIMG_6423abwbIMG_6483abIMG_6514abIMG_6522abIMG_6595abwbIMG_6669abIMG_6350abwbTurkey Run Park Engagement Photos Lens whackingTurkey Run Park Engagement PhotosIMG_6453abwbTurkey Run Park Engagement PhotosIMG_6613abTurkey Run Park Engagement PhotosIMG_6681abIMG_3165abIMG_6354abIMG_6525abIMG_6657abIMG_3173abIMG_6363abIMG_6545abIMG_6609abIMG_6663abIMG_3186abwbIMG_6641abIMG_6541abTurkey Run Park Engagement Photos

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