Brandi & Mark Proposal

Back in the spring I setup a table at the open house of a local wedding venue. Brandi, a local hair and makeup artist, did as well. As fate would have it, mere weeks later, we were working at the same wedding. (You can check it out HERE)
A couple months after that, Brandi’s boyfriend, Mark, messaged me via Instagram. Apparently, I made quit the impression and she showed Mark a lot of photos from my Instagram feed. He had bought a ring and wanted to propose; he asked me to photograph it as it seemed Brandi really liked my work.
I had never photographed a proposal before but I was game to give it a whirl. 🙂

I met up with Mark the Wednesday before (he was proposing on Monday) and he found a place he really like and I made a game plan from there; where I would set up and everything. Of course, Mother Nature made her own plans and totally ruined ours. Over the weekend storm after storm hit dropping lots of rain. The water levels rose and the spot Mark picked out was completely underwater. Arriving to the location first, I had to try and guess where he would do it now and hope I picked a good spot. The original plan allowed me to get both semi-closeups and wide shots. But, with the new situation, I just focused on wide shots so I wouldn’t ruin the whole situation with her recognizing me and just plain not being in a good spot at all.
So while I didn’t get the closer-up shots I had wanted to capture for him, I did get some pretty stellar wide shots of the moment. 🙂


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