Dana + Jason

This little wedding has definitely changed my perspective; particularly on the exchange of vows. When you marry someone, you’re planning to be with them forever; ’til death do us part. Unfortunately, for both Dana and Jason, (to put it bluntly) death came first. Leaving them widowed.

Dana and Jason are from the Louisville area (never knew each other)and both moved to New York.  They managed to find each other and marry, once again, in front of their close family and friends; the ones who helped them most through their great loss. Even some of their New York friends made their way down to the Bluegrass to join in on the 6 gallons of Heine Bros Coffee and Nord’s Bakery Doughnuts at this Wednesday morning small ceremony in Cherokee Park. 🙂

IMG_2509abIMG_2692abIMG_2511abIMG_2513abIMG_2518abIMG_2524abIMG_2526abIMG_2522abIMG_2540abIMG_2528abIMG_2521abIMG_2531abIMG_2545abIMG_2581abwbIMG_2553abIMG_2560abIMG_2606abwbIMG_2569abIMG_2625abIMG_2616abwbIMG_2631abIMG_2617abwbIMG_2668abIMG_2682abIMG_2620abwbIMG_2689abIMG_2701abIMG_2696abIMG_2713abIMG_2703abIMG_2697abIMG_2705abIMG_2699abIMG_2717abIMG_2720abIMG_2725abwbIMG_2726abIMG_2727abwbIMG_2739abCherokee Park Louisville Kentucky Wedding PhotosIMG_2759abIMG_2765abIMG_2764abIMG_2768abwbIMG_2815abIMG_2813abwbIMG_2836abIMG_2870abIMG_2821abwbIMG_2881abIMG_2924abIMG_2824abwbIMG_2949abIMG_2930abwbIMG_2985abIMG_2940abwbIMG_2971abIMG_2942abwbIMG_2999abIMG_2998abwbIMG_3007abIMG_2984abwbIMG_3015abIMG_2993abwbIMG_3035abIMG_3027abwbIMG_3036abIMG_3011abwbIMG_3056abIMG_3097abIMG_3124abIMG_3159abwbIMG_3179abIMG_3245abwbIMG_3252abIMG_3284abwbIMG_2787abIMG_2904abIMG_3100abIMG_3118abwbCherokee Park Louisville Kentucky Wedding PhotosIMG_3173abwbIMG_3183abIMG_3228abIMG_3258abIMG_3280abwbIMG_2789abIMG_3102abwbIMG_3198abIMG_3119abwbCherokee Park Louisville Kentucky Wedding PhotosIMG_3265abIMG_3309abIMG_2794abCherokee Park Louisville Kentucky Wedding PhotosCherokee Park Louisville Kentucky Wedding PhotosCherokee Park Louisville Kentucky Wedding PhotosIMG_2804abCherokee Park Louisville Kentucky Wedding Photos

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