Brunch Styled Wedding

Styled Wedding #4 in the books!
This one I just participated in; no planning, just shooting!

My friend Jessica of Jessica Mathes Photography planned this adorable brunch wedding at the place she got married, The Story Inn. Anyone who knows me knows breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and I don’t limit myself to just having it in the morning. 😉

PHOTO// We Choose the Moon Photography website facebook instagram
VENUE// Story Inn Bed & Breakfast website facebook
FLOWERS// RK Florals website facebook instagram
STATIONARY// Emery Ann Design website facebook instagram
MODEL// Christie Perez facebook instagram
MODEL// Billy Smith facebook instagram
DRESS// Amanda Uprichard website facebook instagram
DRESS BOUTIQUE// Rent the Runway website facebook instagram
ACRYLICS// Lace & Belle Designs website facebook instagram

IMG_6346abIMG_6348abIMG_6351abStory Inn Wedding Photography Nashville IndianaIMG_5561abIMG_5563abIMG_5564abIMG_5562abIMG_5567abIMG_5569abIMG_5566abIMG_5570abIMG_5585abIMG_5568abIMG_5571abStory Inn Wedding Photography Nashville IndianaIMG_5580abIMG_5573abIMG_6290abIMG_5593abIMG_5633abIMG_5635abIMG_5630abIMG_5619abIMG_5623abIMG_6234abIMG_5602abIMG_5603abIMG_5611abIMG_5648abIMG_5609abIMG_5615abIMG_5617abIMG_5647abIMG_5655abIMG_5671abIMG_5683abIMG_6311abStory Inn Wedding Photography Nashville IndianaStory Inn Wedding Photography Nashville IndianaIMG_5730abIMG_5700abIMG_5746abIMG_5763abIMG_5755abIMG_5792abIMG_5765abIMG_5795abIMG_5801abIMG_5813abIMG_5822abIMG_5879abIMG_5826abIMG_5886abIMG_5832abIMG_5894abIMG_5839abIMG_5888abIMG_5847abIMG_5900abwbIMG_5854abIMG_5889abIMG_5904abwbIMG_5911abIMG_5910abIMG_5915abIMG_5926abwbStory Inn Wedding Photography Nashville IndianaIMG_5939abIMG_5953abIMG_5950abIMG_5976abwbIMG_5980abIMG_5979abIMG_5982abIMG_5983abStory Inn Wedding Photography Nashville IndianaIMG_6008abIMG_6005abwbIMG_6011abIMG_6045abIMG_6053abIMG_6061abIMG_6083abwbIMG_6066abIMG_6096abIMG_6101abwbIMG_6099abIMG_6136abIMG_6134abwbIMG_6158abIMG_6145abwbIMG_6161abIMG_6120abwbIMG_6107abIMG_6198abIMG_6188abwbIMG_6214abIMG_6221abIMG_6259abIMG_6260abIMG_6284abIMG_6283abwbIMG_6206ab

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