Chloe & Jacob Engagement

I approached Chloe & Jacob with an idea I had for an engagement shoot to see if they’d be willing models; they were, and the session was scheduled. Unfortunately though, my idea 100% relied on beautiful weather and it did not work out in our favor. (I’m not giving any details away of the idea because I’m still going to attempt it). However, I rented Chloe’s dress and didn’t want to not use it so we photographed anyways with a backup location I picked out.
I was less than thrilled I had to canceled my original idea so I was even more less than thrilled when it started down-pouring on us. But, I was determined to make this work and create stellar images despite everything being against us. After hiding out in the trees for 15 minutes (because I left my two umbrellas in the car) we were all pretty soaked and said “f it, let’s just shoot in the rain”.

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