Mark & Nicole Engagement

I’m not gonna lie. I love when people find me via a friend or family members photos I did for them. I did some engagement photos for Dylan and Madison in April, Nicole saw them on Facebook and immediately asked who did them so she could also book me for photos. 🙂
These two are actually tying the knot in less than a month in a very intimate ceremony where they met. A big wedding was less than appealing to them and decided to stay true to themselves. Bravo Mark and Nicole. I love see couples stick to their guns and have a wedding that is truly them. 🙂

Photographers Info: I made a donation to the Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve for the use of their beautiful grounds as they do not (currently) have a photography fee.

Creasey Mahan Nature Preserve Engagement Photos Goshen KentuckyIMG_8681abIMG_8695abIMG_8682abIMG_8717abIMG_8722abwbIMG_9097abIMG_8743abIMG_8761abIMG_8765abIMG_8754abIMG_9102abIMG_8767abIMG_8776abwbIMG_8770abIMG_8795abCreasey Mahan Nature Preserve Engagement Photos Goshen KentuckyCreasey Mahan Nature Preserve Engagement Photos Goshen KentuckyIMG_8805abwbIMG_9107abIMG_8830abwbIMG_8835abIMG_8850abwbIMG_8873abIMG_8874abIMG_8869abwbIMG_8881abIMG_8885abwbIMG_8923abIMG_8931abIMG_8926abIMG_9129abIMG_8946abwbIMG_8948abIMG_8950abIMG_8979abwbIMG_8967abIMG_9135abwbIMG_9005abIMG_9023abwbIMG_9017abIMG_9057abwbIMG_9064abIMG_9066abwbIMG_9142abIMG_9081abIMG_9084abwbIMG_9086abIMG_9074abwbIMG_9091abIMG_9089abIMG_9095abIMG_9121abIMG_9109abIMG_9124abwb

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