Kara & Ty Engagement

“Always the bridesmaid and never the bride” is not a true statement for Kara. She was in Brooke’s bridal party in 2016 and I was thrilled to hear from her when she got engaged.

Despite being based in Kentucky, I had never photographed a session with horses until this one and I’m couldn’t have asked for a better couple and horses to work with. 🙂 It was hot and I made them trek through a lot of tall grass, but we got some really good photos and it was 100% worth it if they hate me now. 😉

IMG_4825abLeitchfield Kentucky Engagement SessionLeitchfield Kentucky Engagement SessionIMG_4672abIMG_4740abIMG_4738abIMG_4680abIMG_4747abIMG_4682abIMG_4736abIMG_4714abwbIMG_4752abLeitchfield Kentucky Engagement SessionIMG_4708abIMG_4834abIMG_4848abwbIMG_4842abIMG_4851abIMG_4856abwbIMG_4870abIMG_4858abIMG_4861abwbIMG_4874abIMG_4891abIMG_4904abIMG_4887abwbIMG_4916abIMG_4976abIMG_4989abwbIMG_5006abIMG_4993abIMG_5013abIMG_5022abIMG_5026abIMG_5143abLeitchfield Kentucky Engagement SessionIMG_5087abLeitchfield Kentucky Engagement SessionIMG_5122abIMG_5095abIMG_5134abLeitchfield Kentucky Engagement SessionIMG_5155abIMG_5208abwbIMG_5182abIMG_5221abIMG_5162abIMG_5126abwbIMG_5211abIMG_5173abwbIMG_5229abwbIMG_5237abIMG_5239abwbIMG_5251abIMG_5256abIMG_5272abwbIMG_5259abIMG_5274abIMG_5287abIMG_5286abIMG_5294abwbIMG_5302abIMG_5296abIMG_5303abIMG_5315abIMG_5307abwbIMG_5329abIMG_5311abIMG_5333abIMG_5338ab

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  1. We are over-the-moon excited for Kara and Ty and cannot wait to make the travel home to celebrate this wonderful day– Dan Jenni Justin and Jacob

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