Justin + Kaitlyn

Ohhhhhhhhh Justin & Kaitlyn. Another fantastic couple who actually offered to come to Shelbyville to have a consultation with me. (Which I never turn down a chance to show off our cute downtown area with potential clients; even though Justin is a Shelbyville native).
I had literally just planned a weekend getaway in Red River Gorge (view photos from that HERE) when I met with them and found out they were tying the knot at Cliffview Resort; in Red River Gorge. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect.
I’m not going to go on and on about them because I believe these photos speak for themselves. One thing you can’t tell from these pictures is their fantastic taste in music, beer, bourbon and Kaitlyn’s adorable slight Northern accent. 😉
I also love Kaitlyn wanted Justin’s input on some wedding ideas. One of his only requests was dinosaurs. Kaitlyn made it happen by spray painting a bunch of toy dinos metallic and putting table numbers in them. 🙂

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Need music to view these photos? Here ya go:

IMG_7013abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_6959abIMG_6938-EditabIMG_6922abIMG_6896abIMG_6895abIMG_6892abwbIMG_6905abIMG_6894abIMG_7019abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7042abIMG_7043abIMG_7055abwbIMG_7068abIMG_7120abIMG_7128abwbRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7133abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7259abIMG_7283abwbRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7211abIMG_6912abwbIMG_7288abIMG_7285abwbIMG_7291abwbRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7316abIMG_7350abIMG_7384abIMG_7412abIMG_7394abIMG_7423abIMG_7428abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_1030abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_1067abwbIMG_7442abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_1093abIMG_7446abIMG_1113abIMG_7449abIMG_1144abIMG_1129abIMG_1120abwbIMG_7472abIMG_1147abIMG_1155abIMG_1164abIMG_1173abIMG_1170abIMG_1175abwbIMG_7475abIMG_1184abIMG_7480abIMG_7485abIMG_7491abIMG_7725abIMG_7734abIMG_7754abIMG_7779abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7835abwbIMG_7817abIMG_7819-EditabIMG_7814abIMG_7836abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7845abIMG_7855abIMG_7853abwbIMG_7866abIMG_7870abRed River Gorge Wedding Cliffview ResortIMG_7894abIMG_7000abIMG_7183abIMG_7196abIMG_7205abIMG_7207abIMG_7197abIMG_7897abwbIMG_7883abIMG_7884abwbIMG_8116abIMG_8214abIMG_7896abwbIMG_7910abIMG_7904abwbIMG_7914abwbIMG_7917abIMG_7912abwbIMG_7933abIMG_7928abwbIMG_7951abIMG_7967abwbIMG_7960abIMG_7974abwbIMG_7978abIMG_7984abIMG_7990abwbIMG_8042abIMG_8044abwbIMG_8070abIMG_8058abwbIMG_8018abIMG_8034abIMG_8038abIMG_8050abIMG_8047abIMG_8056abIMG_8091abwbIMG_8078abIMG_8162abIMG_8170abIMG_8178abIMG_8107abIMG_8243abIMG_8255abIMG_8248abIMG_8267abIMG_8280abIMG_8284abIMG_8281abIMG_8290abIMG_8325abwbIMG_8393abIMG_8394abwbIMG_8352abIMG_8332abwbdouble1b

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