Brian + Erin

Most of the time I’m booking weddings a year in advance. But sometimes it’s 22 days in advance. Which was the case for these two. Everyone plans differently and I’m happy to book clients at any point in the their planning process.
“Meeting” Brian and Erin over the phone for the first time was pretty great. It was very apparent they are just two peas in a pod. (Also Brian has an excellent voice and I told him he should get into voice acting.) I definitely wanted to be a part of the fun.
These two in person are even better. It was amazing seeing these two interact and it was very clear, they brought out the best in each other and allowed each other to be themselves. They met online and, according to Erin, “after a lot of texting back and forth, I thought this guy was just too good to be true. I wanted to go out on date and find out what he’s actually like before I got too far.”. Their first date lasts HOURS (I can’t remember for sure I think it was 6 hours). Turns out, Brian was truly amazing. And the rest is history from there!

PS – Their first date was at the Homemade Pie & Ice Cream Kitchen on Bardstown Road. They nodded back to this moment by serving pie at the reception instead of wedding cake. *eye roll because it so adorably cute*

EDIT: Their first date lasted 12 HOURS.

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