Jenny + Rob

I’m always pushing my engagement/couples clients to think more inside their own box, about what they like to do and what makes them, them; anyone can take pictures in a perfectly manicured park. Not everyone though can get romantic pictures at your favorite brewery or while forging knives at a blacksmith shop.
Like most artists, I like to find the beauty in things most people don’t see at first glance. As I wandered around Joe Ley Antique Store for the first time, I knew I needed to shoot photos here. This wasn’t a standard antique store. And I knew, for this place, I needed an equally non-standard couple.So I turned to my past wedding clients Jenny and Rob; one of the most eclectic couples I’ve worked with. They have an unmatched taste in bourbon, a love for rock climbing, a good knowledge of cast iron skillets and listen to bands most people have never heard of.  While we were there to take photos, they kept stopping to check things out and see if they could find any deals on fancy decanters or find any tools they could use on their home remodel. At one point Jenny joked when their remodel was all said and done, their home would probably look a lot of Joe Ley Antique Store with just a weird collection of things they like.While perusing the photos, you’re welcome to listen to the song that also inspired this session: Blue Velvet (specifically Lana Del Rey’s rendition of it). I know this is a song about lost love but I feel like Lana Del Rey’s chocolate melting voice performing this classic fit the vibe of the store so well.

Joe Ley Antique Store EngagementJoe Ley Antique Store EngagementIMG_4307abIMG_4311abIMG_4315abIMG_4322abIMG_4317abIMG_4327abJoe Ley Antique Store EngagementIMG_4326abIMG_4340abIMG_4329abIMG_4335abwbJoe Ley Antique Store Engagementgif1IMG_4338abwbIMG_4344abIMG_4341abIMG_4345abIMG_4352abIMG_4357abIMG_4353abIMG_4360abIMG_4361abwbIMG_4362abIMG_4363abwbIMG_4367abJoe Ley Antique Store EngagementIMG_4376abgif2IMG_4384abIMG_4385abwbIMG_4391abwbIMG_4405abIMG_4400abwbIMG_4408abIMG_4415abIMG_4413abIMG_4428abJoe Ley Antique Store EngagementIMG_4436abIMG_4453abIMG_4438abde1IMG_4456abIMG_4440abIMG_4458abIMG_4480abIMG_4465abIMG_4443abIMG_4491abJoe Ley Antique Store EngagementIMG_4470abwbJoe Ley Antique Store Engagement

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  1. This is wonderful!! I know the parents of Rob and have been in your store……..years ago. It, too, is wonderful!!

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