Chelsea & Jason

Christmas is my favorite time of year.
Schedules get a little crazy, shopping a little overwhelming, traffic a lot more congested but overall, it’s pretty great. We just have to be mindful to not let material things overcome us and stress about having the “perfect” Christmas.
Of all the things associated with Christmas, lights is definitely one of my favorites. Which is why I so badly wanted to do a couple session in downtown Louisville with the lights! It was a challenge; shooting at night isn’t my forte simply because I’m a natural light photographer. Also, while I love multi-colored lights, they were no fun to shoot or edit because of the weird color casting it did on their faces (lesson learned). But overall, I had a blast walking around with Chelsea and Jason talking about Christmas movies and their wedding plans. 🙂

IMG_2510abIMG_2515abIMG_2517abIMG_2518-Pano-EditabIMG_2529abwbIMG_2528abIMG_2514abChristmas Downtown Louisville Engagement PhotographyIMG_2540abwbIMG_2544abIMG_2534abwbIMG_2546abwbIMG_2538abIMG_2551abIMG_2537abwbIMG_2559abIMG_2557abwbIMG_2563abIMG_2558abwbIMG_2560abIMG_2562abwbChristmas Downtown Louisville Engagement PhotographyIMG_2608abIMG_2569abIMG_2575abIMG_2610abIMG_2572abwbChristmas Downtown Louisville Engagement PhotographyIMG_2618abIMG_2603abIMG_2625abIMG_2635abChristmas Downtown Louisville Engagement PhotographyIMG_2644abIMG_2639abwbIMG_2656abIMG_2652abwbIMG_2680abIMG_2660abwbIMG_2659abIMG_2654abwbIMG_2707abIMG_2629abwbIMG_2710abIMG_2676abwbIMG_2729abIMG_2714abwbIMG_2683abIMG_2716abwbIMG_2736abChristmas Downtown Louisville Engagement PhotographyIMG_2739abIMG_2746abwbIMG_2743abIMG_2733abwbIMG_2744abIMG_2752abwbIMG_2772abIMG_2781abwbIMG_2794abwbIMG_2789abIMG_2761abwbChristmas Downtown Louisville Engagement Photography

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