Emily, Class of ’18

I’ve said it once and I’m saying it again; I’m pleasantly surprised how independent my senior clients are. So far, every senior I’ve photographed has contacted me and schedule a session ALL ON THEIR OWN. I’m personally just really impressed because when I was a senior, I was barely making my own doctor appointments; much less contacting a completely stranger to schedule photos with them. (Although email was just starting to become widely used at that time).
Emily definitely had a vision for her photos and I was absolutely in love with it. My last two senior sessions were urban and while I love changing things up and I am secretly in love with the whole urban vibe, it was pretty great to be back lolloping in fields and tall grass (even with the 46 degree weather).

IMG_0075abIMG_0096abwbIMG_0089abIMG_0150abMeade County Senior Brandenburg KYIMG_0156abIMG_0192abwbIMG_0258abIMG_0250abIMG_0252abIMG_0217abIMG_0226abwbIMG_0249abIMG_0273abIMG_0265abIMG_0271abIMG_0290abIMG_0301abIMG_0308abIMG_0330abwbIMG_0319abIMG_0328abIMG_0336abIMG_0361abIMG_0387abIMG_0362abIMG_0401abIMG_0377abIMG_0363abwbMeade County Senior Brandenburg KY

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