Alex & Aly Engagement

The universe was, very conspicuously, pushing Aly & I together. She had posted on her personally page she was looking for recommendations for photographers. This being the small world it is, my sister is, by chance, friends with Aly on Facebook. She, and her boyfriend, both suggested me and linked my page. Aly then posted to a Facebook group we’re both in looking for recommendations for photographers. She had posted a budget I was just slightly above. She had already received over 40 recommendations by the time I saw it of photographers who were in her budget. I ended up getting tagged a few times in her post so I replied with a simple “Thanks for recommending me! I’m however a little over her budget. But here’s my website in case you’re curious”.
Well, I’m glad I replied because here we are shooting engagement photos. 🙂

IMG_9299abIMG_9285abIMG_9304abIMG_9289abwbIMG_9301abIMG_9295abIMG_9292abwbIMG_9308abIMG_9315abIMG_9334abwbFalls of the Ohio EngagementIMG_9340abFalls of the Ohio EngagementIMG_9346abIMG_9367abIMG_9349abIMG_9376abIMG_9368abIMG_9352abIMG_9395abwbFalls of the Ohio EngagementIMG_9404abIMG_9409abwbIMG_9406abIMG_9416abIMG_9405abIMG_9420abIMG_9433abIMG_9407abIMG_9444abwbIMG_9448abIMG_9446abwbIMG_9452abIMG_9456abwbIMG_9468abIMG_9471abIMG_9455abwbIMG_9482abIMG_9484abwbFalls of the Ohio EngagementIMG_9503abIMG_9486abwbIMG_9514abIMG_9498abwbIMG_9526abFalls of the Ohio EngagementIMG_9532abIMG_9547abIMG_9555abIMG_9575abwbIMG_9578abIMG_9597abwbIMG_9583abIMG_9598abIMG_9586abwbIMG_9617abIMG_9607abwbIMG_9620abFalls of the Ohio EngagementIMG_9631ab

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