Bret + Erica

Bret & Erica had decided to have small wedding and save money to buy a house. However, when the house fell through, they found themselves able to throw a bigger wedding than originally planned. Which is why I was contacted and booked only a month an half in advance. That’s right. 1.5 months. And it was by sheer luck I had an open Saturday in October.
I can’t say enough nice things about these two. They were incredible to work with and open to any and all my crazy ideas. Just to give you an idea how loved these two are, friends flew from Germany to attend this wedding (again, only 1.5 months notice) and family members cut their planned vacations short to attend this wedding. I’m not even sure there is a word exists to describe how awesome Bret & Erica are…

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The groom asked to opt out of the model release; meaning I can not post or share any photos with his face in them. In this day and age, privacy is a rarity and I completely respect his wishes to not have his likeness shared by others on the internet. But with this being said, you’ll notice fewer bride and groom photos, fewer ceremony photos and some events (ex: cake cutting) at the reception had to be left out of the blog. And before you ask, no he is not a local celebrity. Or is he? 😉
I’ll never tell. 😛

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