Alyssa & Sarah, Class of ’18

3 years ago, I did some senior photos for Marykate. For one session, she wanted to include some of her friends she ran cross country with. Alyssa & Sarah were two of the girls in that group. They were just freshmen at the time.



I was thrilled when Sarah got in contact with me over the summer to do her senior photos (which you can view HERE) and then Alyssa in the fall; and of course she asked if Sarah could come along so they could do a few photos together. 😉

Alyssa had a very different vision for senior photos; especially coming from rural Meade County. Instead of the traditional fields, barns and overall rustic vibe, she wanted urban. I had suggested downtown areas of Elizabethtown, Irvington & even Brandenburg. Any of these places could give the urban look. I suggested Louisville thinking they wouldn’t be down to drive an hour just for photos but they jumped at the chance. And I’m so glad they did! We got some great shots!

PS – Special thanks to my photog friend Kendra for sharing her favorite parking garages to photograph on top of!

IMG_4607abIMG_4624abIMG_4621-EditabwbIMG_4640abIMG_4641-EditabwbIMG_4606abIMG_4628abIMG_4656-EditabIMG_4658-EditabwbIMG_4648-Edit-EditabIMG_4645abIMG_4689-EditabIMG_4693abwbIMG_4663-EditabIMG_4667-EditabIMG_4649-Edit-EditabIMG_4686-EditabwbIMG_4679-EditabIMG_4650-Edit-EditabSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4677-EditabSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4699-EditabwbIMG_4702abIMG_4707-EditabwbIMG_4703-EditabIMG_4710abIMG_4728-EditabIMG_4718abIMG_4721-EditabIMG_4745abIMG_4739-EditabIMG_4736-EditabwbSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4772abIMG_4776abwbIMG_4767abIMG_4769abIMG_4781-EditabwbIMG_4785abIMG_4827-EditabwbIMG_4788abIMG_4789abIMG_4829-EditabwbIMG_4797abIMG_4803abIMG_4832-EditabSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4814-EditabIMG_4808abIMG_4818-EditabwbIMG_4809abSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4854abIMG_4812-EditabwbIMG_4841abwbIMG_4856abwbIMG_4874abIMG_4875abwbIMG_4877abIMG_4876abwbSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4879abwbIMG_4894abIMG_4903abwbIMG_4902abwbIMG_4905abIMG_4915-EditabIMG_4926abwbIMG_4931abSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4937abIMG_4943-EditabIMG_4945-EditabwbSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4964-EditabSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_4974abIMG_4983-EditabIMG_4986-EditabIMG_4991abwbIMG_5002-EditabIMG_5006abIMG_5010-EditabIMG_5015abIMG_5018abIMG_5033-EditabIMG_5037-EditabIMG_5045abIMG_5023abIMG_5041abIMG_5048abSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_5061abIMG_5065abwbIMG_5084-EditabIMG_5076abwbIMG_5098-EditabIMG_5078abwbIMG_5107-EditabIMG_5124-EditabIMG_5113abwbIMG_5129abwbIMG_5137abIMG_5149abIMG_5134abwbIMG_5143abIMG_5152abIMG_5158abIMG_5166abwbIMG_5174-EditabIMG_5169-EditabSenior Photos Downtown Louisville KentuckyIMG_5173-Editab

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