Jo, Class of ’18

This was another one of those surreal sessions for me because I remember when Jo was born; and it’s hard for me to believe that 18 years has already passed. I almost, on several occasions, called her Jo Jo; a nickname she went by as a kid, but longer does. I remember what it was like being around that transformative age of still being a teen but legally an adult, and wanting to be a grown up. But people still calling you by childhood nicknames and treating you like you’re still just 12 makes it hard. I try to be respectful of that and treat all my high school senior like adults(ish); and call them by their “adult” name. 😉

IMG_2861abIMG_2889abwbIMG_2894abIMG_2898abwbIMG_2921abIMG_2938abIMG_2973-EditabButtermilk Falls Senior Photos, Brandenburg KYIMG_2947abIMG_2873abwbIMG_2852abIMG_2958abIMG_2914abwbIMG_2935abIMG_2991-EditabIMG_2984abwbIMG_2963abIMG_2928abButtermilk Falls Senior Photos, Brandenburg KYIMG_3007abIMG_3009abwbIMG_2997abIMG_3017abwbIMG_3023abIMG_3033abIMG_3116abIMG_3039abIMG_3131abIMG_3094abIMG_3075abIMG_3137abIMG_3070abIMG_3057abIMG_3118abwbIMG_3096abIMG_3122abIMG_3113abwbIMG_3141abIMG_3153abwbIMG_3166abIMG_3147abIMG_3173abIMG_3180abButtermilk Falls Senior Photos, Brandenburg KYIMG_3215abwbIMG_3197abIMG_3231abwbButtermilk Falls Senior Photos, Brandenburg KYIMG_3219abIMG_3232abIMG_3213ab

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