Ashley & Scotty Engagement Part 2

A second engagement session wasn’t planned for Ashley and Scotty when I first booked them. Back in the spring while wandered about Hidden Hill’s sculpture garden snapping photos, I found out Scotty owns a motorcycle and riding is one of their favorite things to do together. However, the bike was out of commission at that time which is why they didn’t include it in their engagement photos. But I had decided then and there once it was back in working order, I was going to offer to do additional photos.
Guys, not to put the other session down because we got some great photos, but this session kicks that session’s ass. If you’re planning your engagement photos, I implore you to think outside the box and not just find a pretty place to take photos. Think about the things ya’ll like to do together, the places you like to go together. Ashley & Scotty’s personalities and love for each other shine SO much brighter in these photos; all because they’re doing something they love doing together.

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