Alexandria + Michael

Alex and Mike initially only booked me for engagements photos (view those photos HERE) as they were in the beginning stages of planning their wedding. They had a date picked out and a venue but everything was pretty uncertain as they were having some issues with the venue, and contemplating finding a new place. Right before Christmas, Alex Facebook messaged me and said they had locked down their date and new venue so everything was a go and they wanted to book me.
I’m originally from Meade County KY, and though I don’t live there anymore, I still hear all the news and events that happen there (my mom is gossip headquarters). I had heard of a new winery opening out in Guston but I had yet to make a trip out there to check it out. I’m totally bummed I didn’t check it out sooner. This place is GREAT. If you’re in the market for a wedding venue, definitely give this place a gander; and try the wine while you’re there. ūüėČ

PHOTOS// We Choose the Moon Photography website facebook instagram
VENUE//¬†Bruner’s Farm & Winery¬†website¬†facebook
HAIR// Audrianna Gros
MAKEUP// Ashley Mann, Betties Hair Salon website facebook
CATERING//¬†Domino’s Pizza
BARTENDER// Bruner’s Farm & Winery¬†website¬†facebook
CAKE// Akira Matthews
DJ// Golden Sounds
DRESS// Willowby by Watters website facebook instagram
Rebecca’s Wedding Boutique¬†website¬†facebook¬†instagram
HEADPIECE// Claire’s
Anita Zahnd
SHOES// Dream Pairs website facebook
TUX//¬†Men’s Warehouse
FLOWERS// DIY by Bride & Bridemaids
CUSTOM HANGER// Bett & Dot, Etsy Shop website
Jordan Roberts

IMG_5341abIMG_4652abIMG_3508abIMG_3511abIMG_3514abIMG_3515abBruners Farm & Winery, Wedding, Guston KentuckyIMG_3523abIMG_3531abIMG_3533abIMG_3539abIMG_3504abwbIMG_3517abIMG_3552abIMG_3573abIMG_3584abIMG_3593abwbIMG_3602abIMG_3605abIMG_3622abIMG_3624abIMG_3649abIMG_3643abIMG_3642abwbIMG_3651abwbIMG_3678abwbIMG_3702abIMG_3697abwbIMG_3713abIMG_3718abwbIMG_3722abIMG_3731abIMG_3738abIMG_3754abIMG_3757abIMG_3761abIMG_3771abIMG_3774abIMG_3777abwbIMG_3780abIMG_3783abwbIMG_3803abwbIMG_3806abIMG_3816abIMG_3821abwbIMG_3823abIMG_4377abBruners Farm & Winery, Wedding, Guston KentuckyIMG_3830abIMG_3904abIMG_3908abIMG_3948abIMG_3944abIMG_3942abIMG_3951abIMG_4088abIMG_4120abIMG_4123abwbIMG_4134abIMG_4139abIMG_4145abIMG_4162abIMG_4184abwbIMG_4200abIMG_4210abIMG_4675abIMG_4676abwbIMG_4678abIMG_4292abIMG_4299abwbIMG_4302abwbIMG_4309abIMG_4317abwbIMG_4326abIMG_4336abwbIMG_4350abIMG_4339abIMG_4351abwbIMG_4362abwbIMG_4368abIMG_4369abwbIMG_4481abBruners Farm & Winery, Wedding, Guston KentuckyIMG_4542abIMG_4565abwbIMG_4566abIMG_4567abwbIMG_4595abwbIMG_4598abwbIMG_4615abIMG_4623abIMG_4631abIMG_4637abwbIMG_4639abwbIMG_4646abIMG_4662abIMG_4725abIMG_4727abIMG_4751abIMG_4760abIMG_4790abIMG_4798abIMG_4802abwbIMG_4803abIMG_4869abwbIMG_4940abwbIMG_4942abIMG_4957abwbIMG_4960abIMG_4975abIMG_4998abIMG_5007abwbIMG_5042abIMG_5045abIMG_5052abwbIMG_5060abwbIMG_5104abwbIMG_5118abIMG_5140abwbIMG_5171abIMG_5177abwbIMG_5184abIMG_5190abwbIMG_5203abIMG_5204abIMG_5219abwbIMG_5224abIMG_5228abwbIMG_5237abIMG_5241abIMG_5256abIMG_5257abIMG_5260abIMG_5352abIMG_5311abIMG_5288abIMG_5294abBruners Farm & Winery, Wedding, Guston KentuckyIMG_4709abwbIMG_5396abIMG_5399bIMG_5403abIMG_5375abwbIMG_5420abIMG_5427abIMG_5446abwbIMG_5448abIMG_5498abIMG_5534abwbIMG_5504abIMG_5547abIMG_5516abwbIMG_5571abIMG_5549abwbIMG_5598abIMG_5589abwb

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