Aaron + Kelsey

Honestly, I’m still a little surprised Aaron & Kelsey booked me.
I had scheduled to meet with Kelsey for her consultation the day after I shot two weddings. I got up and shot Amanda & Dave’s little elopement at St. James Fountain at sunrise and then took off to photograph Amelia & Imran’s wedding for the rest of the day. Why I thought after shooting all day, I could get up the next morning at 8am, drive to Heine Bros and have a conservation with someone, is beyond me. Luckily, my husband, God bless him, got me up, drove me to the Heine Bros, and I stumbled my way through the whole consultation. I felt incredibly unprofessional and disappointed in myself. However, at the end of the conversation, Kelsey booked me right there on the spot. I was shocked – but played it cool.
Whatever I did that morning (its still honestly a total blur), I’m glad I did it. These two were an absolute joy to work with. They had a beautiful wedding and were soooooo laid back about everything. Also they tipped in bourbon. 🙂

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