Ashley + Eddie

These two love birds came to me a mere 3 months before their wedding date. They had been dating for 2 years and just got engaged (I believe I met with them for a consultation just two weeks after the proposal!), Ashley’s apartment lease was ending at the end of August, they didn’t want a big, elaborate wedding, so it made sense to make this wedding happen sooner rather than later.
I usually try to book zero to one wedding in August just because it’s my “off month” – as much as I love what I do, I need a break from it just like everyone else who has a job. I had already booked my one wedding for August but Ashley and Eddie were so incredibly nice and sweet, I was happy to throw my hat into the ring of photographers they were considering.
These two have many, many happy years ahead of them and I’m honored to have witness the beginning of their new adventure!

PHOTOS// We Choose the Moon Photography website facebook instagram
VENUE// Kaden Tower website facebook
HAIR// Anna Bradshaw, Volos Salon website
MAKEUP// Anna Bradshaw, Volos Salon website
CATERING// Groom’s Brother, Allan Stevens
CAKE// Wal-Mart
DJ// Friend, Linda Wood
DRESS// David’s Bridal website facebook
SHOES// Bagdley Mishka website facebook
TUX// J.C. Penny’s
FLOWERS// Sam’s Club website
JEWELRY//  Macy’s
BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES// TJ Maxx website facebook


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