Sarah, MCHS Senior

I can never shoot just one senior session without it leading to a few others.
I recently did some senior photos for my family friend Meg (view photos HERE); She awesomely posted a few of her photos to her instagram and I instantly got 23 new followers and some inquires a few days later.
While weddings are my main gig, I do really enjoy changing it up and doing senior photos. I’m definitely different from the more dedicated senior photographers and I warned Sarah upfront, I’m kinda weird and she’ll just have to trust me; even if I do ask you to meet me at the Meade County Fire Department Station 1 to do photos. (MCFPD location used with permission!) But I know what I’m doing. I like taking my senior clients to these slightly odd locations because it’ll be 100% unique to their session; it also gives that wow factor when they see the photos just because, they know where those photos were taken and they don’t remember it looking like that. 😉


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