Red River Gorge

I think we all remember Sean & Zach’s Jamaican vacation turned surprise elopement. If not, here’s a little reminder:

wctmphoto065You can see more photos from their adventure HERE.

Well, that happened 2 years ago now.
In the spring, I had decided I would need a little getaway at the end of my very busy spring/summer wedding season so my husband and I booked a treehouse in Red River Gorge. Of course, we wanted to share this adventure with some friends and luckily, Sean and Zach were available to join in.
Generally, on my personal time, I don’t bring my camera – I become like every other tourist and use my phone to take any photos I want. I’m really bad about separating personal from business when I have my camera. When I use it I find myself thinking more about angles, lighting, posing & locations than I do actually enjoying myself/enjoying the view. However, I decided to bring it and work my separation skills. I literally just took photos of what I wanted.



Here are some photos Sean snapped on her phone:


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