Paige’s Baptism

There’s always a first everything; even though I feel I’m running out of “firsts” sometimes, they always keep coming. This is the first baptism I’ve photographed. And it was like a mini wedding. The VIP, Paige, wore a white dress, I spent part of my day in church, there was family photo time, and there was even a reception afterwards; complete with cake, food, gifts, drinks and dancing.
This was a full fledged catholic baptism, and I know very very little about Catholicism; the most experience I have with catholicism is watching HBO’s “The Young Pope”. I did grow up in the United Methodist Church, which has some similarities, but not many.
Father Jeff was overwhelming nice to all us out-of-towners (did I mention this baptism was in Goshen, NY?) and non-catholics. He even took time before, during & after the service to explain each step in the baptism, what it represented and why they do it. It was very enlightening (at least for me).
The whole experience was worth the 11.5 hour drive to NY; not just to photograph it but to spend an incredibly day and share an amazing moment with my friend Yessica. Someone who time and time again proves she’s not just an empowering woman, but a kick ass mom. I could not be more proud of all she has done, will do and has overcome.


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