Anthony + Tiffany

Anthony & Tiffany are just one of those couples you meet and can tell they’re meant for each other; even though they say they’ve been together “x” amount of time, you can tell their love has expanded over multiple lifetimes (if you believe in such a thing).
Leading up to the wedding was pretty stressful weather-wise. I like to play it cool and never ever let my brides know I’m totally stress petting my cat bald and spit shining my rainboots. For anyone who has worked with me, you know my motto is “go with the flow and just make it work”. So whether it’s raining, shining, tornadoing, hailing, blowing jet speed winds or dropping frogs from the sky, I’ll make it work to the best of my ability – no matter what. BUT, it does make it difficult on my end so I just pray to the weather gods for mercy and sacrifice doughnuts to them. For Anthony & Tiffany’s wedding, IT WORKED! Weeks and days leading up to the wedding, all weather stations called for copious amount of rain. The day of, not a single drop (at least not until everything was said and done and I was driving home).
I know rain on your wedding day is good luck, but I think A & T will be fine. 🙂
Congrats guys!

Photography: We Choose the Moon Photography (Website/Facebook/Instagram)
Venue: Red Orchard Barn (Website)
Hair & Makeup: Kelsy Filiatreau Wilson (Facebook)
Flowers: Nanz & Kraft (Website)
Cake: Sweet Surrender (Website)
DJ:Patrick Hairston with WAVE (Facebook)
Catering: Bootleg BBQ (Website)
Dress: David’s Bridal (Website)
Tux: Men’s Wearhouse (Website)
Stationery: Family Friend Roxanne


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