Favorites of 2016

Not trying to toot my own horn, but I captured A LOT of great images this year; in my personally opinion.
Last year I didn’t take the time to go back and review all the weddings and engagements I shot. However, this year, I made time. And I decided to post MY favorite image from all the weddings and engagements I shot this year.
Keep in mind, these are my favorite; not my best image from the event.

Asia + Zach (Wedding)
img_3812bI think to the surprise of no one, this is my favorite image from Asia & Zach’s wedding. I had it as my Facebook cover photo for about 6 months and I have it printed on business cards. Their wedding was low key with only family at the ceremony and then close friends joined in at the reception. I loved the shadows made by the blinds. 🙂

Ashley + Nick (Engagement)
Ashley is a friend of mine from high school and it was REALLY hard to not spell the beans when she told me she and Nick got engaged. She wanted to announce it to everyone with their engagement photos and I felt so honored to capture said photos. But from all the photos, I LOVE this one. Ashley’s son Brennen is such a ham and so fun to take photos with. He totally did this on his own…

Brooke + Travis (Wedding)
img_3143bOf all the photos I took, this one stood out to me. One of Brooke’s Maids of Honor made a very touching toast. (not that others didn’t at Brooke’s wedding; theirs were just as great). I snapped this tiny moment where hugs were being exchanged among everyone afterwards. Brooke reached over to hold her hand for just a second.

Mason + Valerie (Wedding)
img_6185bI drove down to Alabama for this awesome wedding! There were so many personal touches and so many beautiful moments. But among them all, this is my favorite; this fun, delightful image of the Bride dancing with her son. 🙂

Hornback Wedding
img_3847abwThis was truly a small, intimate wedding. I would even dare say it was an elopement at home. They had a ceremony in their church with only about 10 family members, and then dinner at home with everyone. This was also my 2nd Thursday wedding of the year!

Ryan + Savanna (Wedding)
img_4504bIt’s stupid how in love these two are. And I’m not going to lie, I totally cried a few tears during this moment. Ryan & Savanna had a long distance relationship for…pretty much their whole relationship. Right before they got married, it was really distance; Ryan moved to Arizona for a job and Savanna was living in Mississippi. This little moment happened right as they were announced husband and wife and walked back down the aisle. Even though I was at a distance, they hugged and I heard Savanna say “We never have to be apart again.” (que water works)

Chris + Leslie
a1-11I’m sure Chris & Leslie are not at all surprised this is my favorite from their lovely little wedding. This was the first photo I posted from their wedding, and I also had this image printed and put it in a frame for them as a gift. They booked one of my “courthouse wedding collections” so I was only there for the ceremony and then we did about 30 minutes of family photos, some bride and groom portraits and then I was on my way. But as I was leaving it sounded like a killer party was about to happen. 😉

Kayla + Kris (Wedding)
img_8282abwlowLike everyone else, Kayla & Kris were ready to be married! They had wanted an outdoor wedding but, because Mother Nature doesn’t always go along with our plans, they had to last minute move everything inside. I absolutely LOVE this moment because, like every wedding, the bride and groom are usually non-stop meeting and greeting with everyone. I was able to grab them for a moment to take them outside and away from everyone (it had stopped raining). I could tell Kayla was still thinking about all the people she needed to thank and say hello to when we were doing photos when this little second happened. I asked them to kiss and they bumped noses; Kayla lost it, completely busted out laughing; I thought it was adorable. 🙂

Sara + TJ (Wedding)
img_8487bI think this is another non-surprise one. It’s my current Facebook cover photo and another one I have printed on business cards. Sara was simply putting her earrings on and I asked her if she was ready to be married, she smiled a little, replied “yes” and I snapped this. (Also I think we all know by now that I love mirror shots.)

Megan + Sam (Wedding)
img_0221abAlthough I loved the portraits I captured of Megan and Sam, this was a wedding FULL of dancing and I got A LOT of dancing pictures (I think Megan ended up with a whopping 300 photos of JUST dancing). This was Megan’s flower girl and, to me, she seemed to be on the shy side. I absolutely loved this moment because she completely let go and started having a fantastic time on the dance floor with her Aunt Megan (The bride).

Amanda + Dave (Wedding)
This was an elopement. I love elopements. Especially ones where the bride and groom elope to a place that is special to them, not just off to Vegas or the Smoky Mountains. Amanda booked me and 2 weeks later we were all there. Amanda’s daughters were the maid of honor and  “best girl” and I think the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Amelia + Imran
img_1144abwbI almost feel bad to pick this as my favorite image. Amelia and Imran got married at the beautiful Yew Dell Botanical Gardens; I felt I should pick something that showcased this amazing venue. Or I should pick one of the million moments that showcased this amazing couple. But I kept coming back to this image. I just love the lace on Amelia’s dress and the speckled shadowing happening…

John + Morgan (Engagement)
img_2127abJohn & Morgan live in the Ohio and booked me for their Ohio wedding in 2017. With that being said, I thought they were only booking me for the wedding. But no, they drove down to Kentucky so I could also shoot their engagement photos. And I’m so glad they did! I had a blast with them and they were such troopers to deal with my rather unusual way of capturing engagement photos. I don’t give a ton of direction and I ask A LOT of questions. I do this to try and keep you from thinking too much about how you look, how you’re “posed” and what not. They did a fantastic job and I’m stoked to work with them again at their wedding. 🙂

Claire + Wes (Engagement)
img_2457-panoabI know this isn’t their favorite photo, but it is mine. I was excited they wanted to do a few photos for their engagement session at the place they first met. 🙂
These were also taken 2 days before Claire jetted off to China for 2 weeks.

Kat + Kayla (Wedding)
img_8115abI love this image. It perfectly represents them and how fun they are. 🙂
Yes, they did have a bounce house at their wedding and yes, they did jump it in. 🙂

Drew + Jeremy (Wedding)
b-58Drew and Jeremy are so much fun so, needless to say, this wedding was a blast. Of all the fantastic events that happened, I love this quiet moment during their first dance. 🙂

Alex + Mike (Engagement)
img_9875aThis photo is a little out of my norm. I don’t usually tell my clients to smile at the camera but I did for this one. I think I was inspired from Alex’s 40’s vibe with the floral dress, pearls, red nail polish and lipstick. If I turned this photo to sepia tone, you’d probably think it was taken in the 40’s. 🙂

Mackenzie + Tyler (Engagement)
abMackenzie is on top of it when it comes to planning their wedding. She booked me about a year and half in advance and basically had EVERYTHING lined up except a DJ and photographer. Mackenzie and Tyler are high school sweethearts and cute to boot. They’re a blast to hang out with and Tyler has an amazing Kentucky accent. 😉 I knew Mackenzie and I would get along just fine when I first with her. It was at the Cedar Grove Coffee House and she ordered a bourbon ball frappuccino. 🙂

Jeremy + Stacy (Wedding)
b-33If you can’t tell from this photo, Jeremy and Stacy were SO excited to be married. That’s why this photo is my favorite. 🙂 If there were ever two people made for each other, it’s them.

Aaron + Kelsey (Engagement)
img_0425abwbThese two bring out the best in each other. When they first booked me, I was only able to meet with Kelsey. Now, I’m not pushy when it comes to booking me as your photographer. I’ve done the pushy sales thing when I worked for a corporately owned photography studio and it was pretty terrible feeling. Rarely does anyone book me on the spot when I first meet with them. I always tell them to go home and think about it and get back to me. But Kelsey did. And I couldn’t be more thrilled. The Kelsey I met at the Heine Bros Coffee House was not the Kelsey that showed up for her engagement session. And that’s definitely not a bad thing! Don’t get me wrong, the Kelsey I met was really nice and fun to chat with, but I can definitely tell Aaron has an affect on her, in a good way. She was so bright and kind; and in love. 🙂

Aimee + Kristian
img_0972abI’ve known Aimee since she was in middle school (One of my sister’s best friends). I won’t get into details but I’ve seen the ups and downs of Aimee’s love life and I couldn’t be more happy for her to finally have found someone worth her time, love & kindness. Kristian isn’t just amazing for her, but amazing in general. This was the first time I’ve ever met him and he talked to me like we’ve been BFFs forever.
PS – Aimee MADE that pink coat she’s wearing. It’s fulled lined and everything…

Gretchen + Landen (Engagement)
img_1545abwbThis engagement session was a blast and completely different from the rest. They wanted to do a lifestyle session at home. So yes, they do sit around all day, dressed to the nines and sip on champagne in vintage glasses. 😉

Kaitlyn + Tommy (Wedding)
img_2298bI can’t even describe how much I love this photo. To me, it’s not about how it looks, it’s about the actual moment. Kaitlyn was just about to go see her groom for the first time and I was literally on my way downstairs to get myself in position to capture it. I came around the corner of the stairs and I saw this moment. In the momentum of running down the steps, I took a few steps but then turned and ran back to the corner of the staircase to snap this moment. I guess Kaitlyn saw me running around from the corner of her eye and she glanced over for just a moment.

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