I am like every other person on the planet; the events in my life, the activities going on around me, gives me certain feelings and put me in different moods. These feelings and moods affect my work. And not necessarily in a bad way. Although I feel my work is pretty consistent throughout, each session varies.
I know some potential clients out there are probably saying “you can’t let your personal life affect your job”; and to a point, they’re right. But on the other hand, the effects of my personal life is what makes my work, MY WORK. Which means, it’s going to change up from time to time. Check out the example above. Same blue watercolor, different types of water. The shade of blue is pretty consistent; although with some water, it’s darker, and others it’s lighter.

I say this to not scare my (potential) clients, but to educate them. I have tons of people showing me examples of photos from pinterest, or even my own photos on my website. I love seeing examples, but I always let them know, even if I took the photo they’re showing me, I can not promise to get that exact photo; but something very close to it. Some of the reason being, the photo will be different because different people are in it; but mostly, my mood is different. My life is different. When I took that photo, I hadn’t experienced the things I had when someone requests the same photo down the road; even if it is a week later. Besides, I want to get a photos that’s unique to you; something I can only capture when you’re in front of my lens; not someone else.


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