Aaron & Kelsey Engagement

My 2nd engagement session involving dogs! Well, one dog this time. Ethel the Newfie. The weather was in our favor this day with warmer than usual November temps and clear skies. Aaron and Kelsey are still freshly engaged (he proposed in August) and everything is coming along swimmingly for their wedding. I couldn’t be excited to be a part of it! Aaron and Kelsey are incredibly nice and easy to talk to. I know working with me isn’t always the easiest as I ask a lot of my clients to do some rather unusual things or tell them to just ignore me. It can be frustrating to not understand what’s going through my head or know exactly what I’m trying to achieve. Aaron and Kelsey were total troopers about it. Not a single odd look or question as to why I asked them to sniff each other’s cheek.


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