Kat + Kayla

I’m not gonna lie, this is the first wedding I’ve photographed where I got a little teary eyed. And it wasn’t even during the ceremony, it was during the toasts; toasts that were added last minute. It was Kat’s parents who gave the very moving words. Although I do get to know my clients, I never get to really really know them. I 100% believe in personal privacy and never try to dig too big into their lives. I always ask basic things like “where did you meet” “what do you like to do” “I like bourbon, how about you”. Although I like to have a personal connection with my clients, I don’t think its my business to know what makes them tick. Afterall, I’m just some stranger you hired to take your photos. Although I knew Kat and Kayla are very kind and generous human beings, it was brought to light (at least for me) just HOW kind and generous and amazing they are; and I felt incredibly honored to be able to not just photograph their wedding, but to also be present at the union of these two kind souls.
Also they had freakin’ doughnuts instead of wedding cake and I firmly believe that’s something that needs to happy more often.

Best wishes and many happy years ahead you!

Photography: We Choose the Moon Photography (Website/Facebook/Instagram)
Venue: Cedar Ridge Camp (Website/Facebook)
Catering: Younique Soul (Website/Facebook)
Bar Service: Twisted Sisters Bar Service (Facebook)
Doughnuts: Nord’s Bakery (Website/Facebook)
Hair & Make-up: Brittany Denise



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