New Photo Album Available!

Photo Albums (or books) is one of those things a lot of photographers offer to their clients; some even including an album in their collections. Although I love them, I have not been advertising that I can do them. Not because I don’t want my clients to have them, but I didn’t feel the albums I could offer was any different, or more unique, than an album they could buy from almost anywhere on the internet. Why pay WAY more for an album when you can get the same quality for cheaper?

Well, I’ve FINALLY found some albums I feel are worth advertising, and to offer to my clients. I’ve looked for a long time to find some that are truly unique and I can say, wholeheartedly, these are worth it for my clients.

Introducing, only the first of three albums, I will have available to my clients.



The Legend Album has that vintage journal look. It’s wrapped in genuine leather with a matching strap closure.



It has a lay-flat design and images are printed on a Fine Art Velvet Paper; a smooth and matte surface. All pages are mounted to a mount board for ultra thick pages. This makes the pages more sturdy to stand the test of time.


Legend Albums are available in two sizes, 8×8 and 12×12, and a starting price of $310 (8×8) and $405 (12×12)

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