Iowan Engagement

“I was pretty hopeful after the first date…”
Tonya’s answer to my question “When did you know he was the one?”

This session happened on a whim. Tonya is a co-worker of my best friend. After hearing Tonya talk about how she was unsuccessful finding a photographer she and her fiancé, BJ, liked to do their engagement photos Lauren (my best friend) jokingly recommended me. I say jokingly because they live in Iowa; I live in Kentucky, 7.5 hours away. However, after Tonya and BJ reviewed my website and my work, they emailed me and booked me for the very next weekend (which I by random chance had open).
I’m pleased things lined up so perfectly for this session to happen. Iowa (Iowa City specifically) offered some great locations (and coffee). I’m glad this bourbon blooded Kentucky girl was able to capture some sweet moments for this corn fed Iowan couple.

Here are 4 of my favorite images from my weekend there.

Go Hawkeyes!


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